‘The WHY and WHAT of Numerology’

The field of numerology is not new, in fact, it has been around since time immemorial. Civilization and societal changes have brought ancient and modern numerology together. It was the constant observation and methods that have brought the realization that there is a constant congruence between a person’s numbers and his characteristics and life experiences! The universe has provided us with keys, which when used and understood in the right way can provide superb tools for the navigation of life. In astrology, the key relates the planetary positions during the birth of a person with his traits. In palm reading, the key relates the lines and bumps of the hand with a person’s characteristics. Similarly, in numerology, the key relates a person’s name and date of birth with his nature.


What are the benefits of numerology and how it can help you?


·      It brings greater self-awareness

·      It improves your relationships

·      It makes you capable of choosing appropriate careers

·      It can help you to review your past while forecasting the future

·      It reminds you of the purpose of your soul, your life plan/purpose

·      It blows the dust off your road map

·      It shows you the right direction of life

·      It helps you to adapt to the cycles of life  


The benefits are endless…

You must experience it to believe in it!

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