About Kimbrs

The birth of ‘kimbrs’!

The Name ‘KIMBRS’ which came after repeated trials and attempts, resonates beautifully with the purpose it intends to serve – an understanding of ‘KISMET’ and ‘NUMBERS’!
Sheetal Singh

Professional Numerologist

I feel privileged to be writing about my passion for numbers which has now turned into a profession. I never thought I would take up numerology as a profession. But, before I could realize I was already on my journey; as if the universe was guiding me all along, only I was not paying attention.
After so many years, 13 years of being married, being a mother, and being a professional medical writer, I have finally begun to listen. Yes, I have heard the angel whisper. I have seen the repeated combinations ‘11’ and numerology was like a whirlwind in my life. You would not believe me when I tell you that I got introduced to the world of Tarot by the OSHO Zen cards. Somethings are meant to happen. Only you can postpone them by not paying attention but, if it must happen it will – no matter what!
Having knowledge of numbers and their energies in your date of birth and name can make better and improved choices! We believe that awareness is enough to create a path of transformation and change. We can surprise you with intriguing facts about your personality and behavior without you having to tell us!

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